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As a resident at the Albuquerque-based Villas at La Privada Apartment complex, you can experience the lavishness of high ceilings, hardwood floors, granite counters and a host of built-in apartment equipment including the other community amenities.

Every amenity at the Villas at La Privada Apartments is designed to optimize and maximize the comfort of the residents. This includes the living, dining and bedroom areas, the sofas, tables, lighting and carpeting that allow residents to live and work in comfort, including the stainless appliances, and of course the handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer. 

The superb upscale appliances found in each apartment, including the standard table, chair and lighting accessories reveal to the resident an abode of extraordinary atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every location, as well as inside each apartment unit. 

Your white-colored washer and dryer is located beside the kitchen, lodged inside a neat, white painted room designed and constructed just for the washing and drying of clothes. Its location is unobtrusive. Your guests won’t notice immediately that there’s a handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer in that open room.

A standard description of the high-efficiency, front loading clothes washer of the handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer is that it consists of an electronic control panel, a Dial-A-Cycle with 7 cycles and equipped with 6Motion technologies, plus a 5-temperature setting. It has a low decibel quiet operation. 

The 7.5-cubic foot, 9-cycle electric dryer has an up-front digital knob with different types of damp dry settings you can choose, from “very,” to “more,” to “normal.” It has a powder coat drum and equipped with noise reduction.

With the handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer, you can do some multi-tasking since it is easy to operate and monitor. Why don’t you watch your favorite program at the kitchen through your laptop while cooking your favorite pizza and at the same time wash your clothes? 

If you're in the habit of washing your clothes daily, the full size handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer can handle that chore with ease and can make your day, and it’s not bad at all. 

It’s not only the convenience that makes the difference using the handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer but the pure enjoyment of life with its possibilities. Whether you’re enjoying cooking inside the kitchen with its fully equipped black stainless appliances, and at the same time doing some clothes washing, you can extend the meaning of enjoyment in apartment living. 

You can enjoy the privacy, safety and convenience of washing and drying your clothes and wardrobes with the handy Villas at La Privada Apartment Washer. The apartment’s amenities are linked to the goal of making your life more enjoyable, functional and easier for you. You can visit site :

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